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21-year-old Arthur Williams yearns to follow his late father’s footsteps and create music that moves people. However, his duty to his mother — a renowned news anchor— has a firm hold on his psyche. Plus, it’s tough pursuing your goals in a crooked city… and San Francisco is a pirate’s paradise, where drug dealers and con men hold hands and dance. However, when a drunken night goes off the rails, Arthur meets some unlikely allies – two marvelous, gun toting black trans women who are both hungry for a large helping of sweet revenge. The three join forces in hopes of making their dreams a reality. Will their relationship blossom into a fantastic send-up for all of them? Or crash and burn into a sinking pile like the ones which litter the streets of SF…

Release Date: 20th December 2022. Available on Amazon.

E.C. Ward
E.C. Ward

About The Author

E.C. Ward is a author and screenwriter from San Francisco. He is a former journalist at Kron 4 News and a former communications aide to SF Mayor London Breed.

E.C. Ward
Author, Screenwriter, Former Journalist and Communications Aide

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Reporting Live

Editorial Reviews
Fast-moving, pitch-perfect, and utterly irresistible, Reporting Live, is a blend of the true-to-life and the totally make-believe, the cinematic and the suspenseful, the world we know and a whole lot of worlds we’re glad we don’t.
Kron 4 News
“As gritty and hard-driving a drama as you’ll find…. the action never stops, the language sings and stings.”
The Sun-Reporter Publishing Company
Dangerously eccentric characters, razor-sharp black humor, brilliant dialogue, and suspense all rolled into one tight package—that’s Reporting Live, E.C. Ward’s gritty tale of a news reporter who is forced between two paths, the path to his heart, or the path to his duty.
Dr. Fredrick Haynes III, best selling author of Rockin’ The World With Your Words

By, Friday

On assignment from her editor, investigative journalist Friday Foster travels to a hotel to capture a few shots of a Tech CEO, but it turns out Foster isn’t the only one taking shots as she witnesses — and photographs — the assassination of her subject. With definitive evidence in her possession, she also becomes a target of the assassin.

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